What to expect when you’re expecting to play golf

I successfully went out for my first golf outing in nearly a decade. It was a bit like riding a bike, but there were several things I was accidentally prepared for that I want to share for anyone new to golf. How do I prepare for a round of golf? Generally there are four stepsContinue reading “What to expect when you’re expecting to play golf”

What if I wasn’t terrible at golf?

It has been almost ten years since I golfed regularly. At the time I lived in central Florida where a day on the course typically cost more in beer cart fees than the green fees. I was the kind of golfer that spent more on balls per 18 holes than I did on the beer.Continue reading “What if I wasn’t terrible at golf?”

Recipe: Garlic and Shrimp Pan Fried Dumplings

I learned to make dumplings by reading celebrity chef Lee Anne Wong’s “Dumplings All Day Wong“. I can’t recommend this book enough for the variety of dumpling style and quality of the recipes contained! My wife and I bought both the book and dumpling making paraphernalia with an eye towards making Xaiolongbao, also known asContinue reading “Recipe: Garlic and Shrimp Pan Fried Dumplings”

How do folks honor inspiration (and copyright)?

I’m new to creating content I intend to share publicly. The goal of Amateur Jack is to show people how, with the right tools, readers can do amazing things. It’s about taking a risk with someone else’s guidance to try something new. As I started to prepare a post on preparing Xaiolongbao, a steamed soupContinue reading “How do folks honor inspiration (and copyright)?”